5 Innovative Facility Management Solutions You Need To Know About

Ben Howden /

We're always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions that are set to transform facilities management and property services. Here are 5 innovative solutions that have recently come across our radar:

1. Busch Systems - Recycling Resource Center

This month Busch Systems introduced its Resource Center, a free analytics software program that helps facility manager's track recycling and waste management efforts at a site level. The primary goal of Resource Center is to provide statistics on diversion rates and showcase the breakdown of users recycling streams, amount of money saved, and a range of other analytics related to the positive impact of recycling efforts.

Resource Centre Recycling Software

Comments Mike Baxter, Marketing Manager at Busch Systems, “The Resource Center is effective for all levels of sustainability programs across all verticals. It is suitable for the beginner to an advanced user as it provides analytic display options for both introductory and sophisticated tracking and analytics.”

Beyond providing analytics, the Resource Center provides additional resources such as how-to guides, marketing materials, educational resources, and an exclusive choropleth mapping tool which provides visuals of sustainability from the county, regional, and state/provincial level.

2. Nilfisk - Autonomous Cleaning Solutions

While not officially launched yet, Nilfisk has announced The Horizon Program, a pioneering program that will deliver the most intelligent and technologically advanced cleaning solutions in the industry. Nilfisk is working alongside Carnegie Robotics, a leading provider of advanced robotics and software.

The first product, an autonomous floor scrubbing solution, will be launched in Spring 2017. The machine will be able to handle repetitive tasks with consistent performance without the need for training, but most importantly, the time normally spent manually operating a scrubber can now be re-allocated toward a more focused and efficient cleaning program.

"With The Horizon Program, our sights are set on bringing about a fundamental change in cleaning. Consistent with our history, Nilfisk is continuously responding to the changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions. With The Horizon Program, we are setting a course for a long-term, strategic program of autonomous and connected cleaning solutions and putting forth the most sophisticated technology that will completely redefine how we look at productivity and total cost of ownership. Our view of the future is one that makes incredible strides in cleaning technology," said Jonas Persson, President and CEO of Nilfisk.

3. ChargeSpot - Wireless Charging

ChargeSpot is a wireless charging transmitter that installs under table surfaces and allows customers and employees to easily charge their smartphones.

ChargeSpot Wireless Charging

Says CEO Mark Goh, "End users and designers love ChargeSpot for its clean aesthetic and seamless charging experience. We’re helping people create a truly wireless work environment. With fast wireless charging, we’re making it even easier for people to stay connected— it’s 1.5 times faster than conventional wireless charging.”

ChargeSpot works by using electromagnetic induction to transfer energy between a transmitter and receiver. Inductive charging is commonly used for charging electric toothbrushes and other small electronics.

4. WeDriveU - Corporate Transport Provider

WeDriveU is a provider of corporate transportation solutions such as last-mile and intercampus shuttles and long-distance employee commute systems. They can also provide managed transport solutions.

“WeDriveU’s mobility solutions help employers increase productivity, attract talent, and unlock value to grow their business,” said Dennis Carlson, CEO of WeDriveU. “We’ve assembled a winning strategy, operational structure, and proven solutions to create the future of mobility.”

WeDriveU claims to transport over 5 million passengers per year creating more than $250 million in productivity gains. The service is being utilized by companies such as Tesla, Nike, Salesforce, Facebook, and Mercedes-Benz.

5. Panoramia - Virtual Window Solution For Elevators

Interior design technology startup Panoramia has created the world's first 3D visualization solution for the inside of elevators. The out-of-the-box allows property owners to create a unique environment for any kind of elevator.

“When entering an elevator, imagine that you experience a panoramic view of the surrounding city skyline, a breath-taking scenery of a Norse fjord, a moon landscape or a stylish abstract visual representation of your brand,” says Niklas Lundback, Co-founder of Panoramia. “Panoramia becomes that window. Our mission is to let people turn their elevator rides into journeys.”