50 possible applications for Apple's iBeacon & Bluetooth LE

Ben Howden /

To us it’s starting to feel like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Apple’s iBeacon is going to be one of the biggest technology trends of 2014. Each day it seems that more and more exciting applications of BLE are emerging – and just quietly we’re pretty excited about the potential of BLE to disrupt a wide range of industries. So much so that it inspired us to get together and brainstorm as many possible applications of BLE and iBeacon as we could. We stopped at 50 but no doubt there are many more beyond that. If you can think of any more then please share them in the comments.

So here they are in alphabetical order – 50 possible applications of BLE and beacons:

  1. Augmented homes for real estate sales
  2. Augmented print and outdoor advertising
  3. Automated check-ins
  4. Child and elderly care
  5. City based treasure hunt for tourism
  6. Creating secure zones
  7. Cross device communications
  8. Driving store and venue foot traffic
  9. Dynamic pricing updates
  10. Emergency services coordination
  11. Employee time tracking
  12. Event ticket delivery
  13. Fitness tracking
  14. Grocery list reminders and product mapping
  15. Health data and monitoring
  16. Home and vehicle security
  17. Home automation
  18. In store customer profiling for sales assistants
  19. In store mobile payments
  20. In store product coupons and deals
  21. In store welcome messages
  22. In venue analytics and insights
  23. In venue content delivery
  24. Indoor navigation and mapping
  25. Life tracking
  26. Localised chat rooms
  27. Locating nearby social connections and friends
  28. Locating personal items
  29. Location based challenges and gaming
  30. Location based reminders
  31. Loyalty rewards
  32. Mobile games in the real world
  33. Outdoor navigation
  34. Password control
  35. Peer-to-peer location dating
  36. Personalised styling assistance
  37. Product comparisons
  38. Product information and advice
  39. Product up selling and cross selling
  40. Prompted change room assistance
  41. Prompted in store assistance
  42. Personalised data delivery e.g. transport timetables
  43. Restaurant reviews pushed out as you walk past
  44. Shopping centre treasure hunt
  45. Social feedback on objects and locations
  46. Stock control and movement
  47. Tracking vehicle data for insurance claims
  48. Triggering personalised or customised settings
  49. Vehicle to vehicle communication
  50. Virtual and guided tours