Apple to launch iBeacon hardware

Ben Howden /

A recently discovered FFC filing reveals that Apple may be about to launch its own iBeacon hardware. The document was spotted by Securifi and appears to confirm that Apple is testing its own hardware solution for its iBeacon technology.

Many commentators in the space (including us) speculated that Apple would stay out of the hardware game, but this latest discovery suggests otherwise. It appears that Apple is moving to take full control of the iBeacon ecosystem that it is creating. To date most companies rolling out iBeacon solutions have used beacons made by third parties. Even Apple uses Gimbal beacons in its own retail stores.

It’s remains unclear whether the hardware will be positioned as a consumer or business product, however there is speculation that the device would be the perfect pairing for Apple’s soon to launch iOS 8 HomeKit. With iBeacons deployed in the home environment, a users iOS device could become a powerful home automation tool.