Apple releases long awaited iBeacon specifications

Ben Howden /

Apple has finally released it’s iBeacon specifications for hardware partners and has advised that to gain access you’ll have to sign an NDA. We haven’t seen the specifications yet so we are unable to comment on the content, but according to apparently there are no surprises – it conforms to what you’d expect for devices that broadcast a Bluetooth LE signal.

In addition to the specifications, under Apple’s MFI program, hardware partners can now register for permission to use the iBeacon name with their devices as long as they meet Apple’s criteria.

So without yet knowing the full details of the specifications, we now understand that using the iBeacon names comes with two important requirements:

  1. You must have approval to use the iBeacon trademark via Apple’s MFI program
  2. Any Bluetooth LE devices must conform to Apple’s iBeacon specifications

So now that Apples has gained control of the iBeacon trademark, expect the growing number of BLE beacon suppliers to prioritise seeking Apple’s approval to slap an iBeacon tag on their products and services.