How iBeacon can power up LinkedIn for networking

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Back in February we told you about Lighthouse’s partnership with PauseFest, Australia’s premier technology conference. Using the Lighthouse-powered PauseFest app, we brought the beacon experience to festival attendees through contextual notifications and content based on their proximity to event locations and points of interest.

One of our favorite uses of beacons at that event? Lighthouse used beacons, digital screens and the LinkedIn API to combine the physical networking experience with the digital one!

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Festival attendees connected to LinkedIn via the PauseFest app

  2. An attendee with the app walked into the Deakin Edge at Federation Square and a beacon recorded an enter event

  3. Once the enter event was registered, Lighthouse used the LinkedIn API to display their name and profile picture on a big screen

  4. When another person walked into the same zone, Lighthouse not only displayed their name and profile picture, but visually showed how they were connected to other people in the room.

  5. Attendees could see who they knew in common, providing instant fodder for conversation!

ibeacon linkedin visual

In addition to being a fun and highly relevant way for attendees to experience beacon technology, the LinkedIn visualization enhanced the networking experience. By providing attendees common ground, we removed some of the awkwardness often associated with networking introductions. Attendees had fun walking into the space to see how they might know each other, often with surprising results!

Watch the presentation:

As often happens with new ideas, when we first built the LinkedIn-beacon demo, it was intended as a fun way to get people talking about BLE. But it turned out to be a great experience that can be replicated at any event – whether it be an informal meet-up or multi-day industry conference like AdWeek or CES. If you’re interested in beacons and LinkedIn for your event, Contact us!

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