6 Technologies That Can be Used to Track Location

Amanda Darcey

Amanda Darcey /

Back in 2015, we wrote a much-shared location technologies whitepaper comparing popular ways to track people and assets. Our conclusion: there is no clear “winner” of the indoor location tracking game, rather the location solution you apply should be based on your unique application and requirements (i.e., tracking accuracy,...

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Bluetooth Mesh To Power Smart Buildings & Asset Tracking

Patrick Carne

Patrick Carne /

We all recognize the name Bluetooth. It’s synonymous with wireless technology, and we take for granted how much easier it makes our lives. From smartphones to headphones and beyond, we rely on Bluetooth to free us from the legacy of wired technology. Today, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has become...

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Join Lighthouse.io at The Security Exhibition & Conference Melbourne

Ben Howden

Ben Howden /

The Security Exhibition & Conference in Melbourne is fast approaching. Entering its 31st year, it is the largest and most established security event in Australia and connects a community of leaders who are bringing innovative solutions to the industry and helping shape the future of the security industry. Kicking off...

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