The New Employee Mobile App Has Arrived

Patrick Carne

Patrick Carne /

After countless hours of hard work by the team we're incredibly excited to launch our new location aware mobile app. We believe the app sets the benchmark for enterprise mobile apps and is on par with some of the best consumer apps in the market. Put simply, we...

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5 Ways Location Technology Can Transform The Airport Experience

Ben Howden

Ben Howden /

It’s no secret that airports around the world are competing with one another to deliver the best possible passenger experience. Safety, convenience, choice and efficiency are key factors that impact customer satisfaction, and airlines are quickly recognising that technology has a large role to play in influencing these factors....

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Join at the BOMA 2016 International Conference

Amanda Darcey

Amanda Darcey / is excited to announce we will be hosting an education seminar on the benefits of location technology in CRE at the 2016 BOMA International Annual Conference and Expo. The discussion will focus on recent trends impacting property management, the role of location technology in addressing these challenges, and...

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