Tracking the Location of Labour Allows Businesses to Outsource Facilities Management Whilst Retaining Transparency

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Location tracking technology creates visibility into areas of integrated facilities management (FM) not previously available. It is now possible to accurately track the location of employees to more effectively manage and deliver labour-based services.

Outsourced facilities management offers substantial savings to businesses and providers. It helps them reduce expenditure and focus on their core business. The keys to success are transparency, accountability, value and honesty.

Major integrated FM providers such as Spotless are investing heavily in systems that not only maximise efficiency and deliver commercial value for their own internal return, but also develop commercial partnerships. These modern relationships are based on detailed information being shared and reported to provide absolute assurance clients receive exactly what they pay for. This allows businesses outsourcing non-core services to retain a level of transparency and visibility they would if delivering the services internally.

How does employee tracking come into play?

Emerging technologies add value to facilities management services such as cleaning, security and maintenance. These are predominantly labour-based services. Conventional asset tracking lends itself to tracking physical and productive assets. This, in isolation, has limited applications within the FM industry. Bluetooth beacon technology expands this concept and allows us to track the location of the most productive asset - labour - and true expenses as they are consumed.

FM and other services industries are based around the consumption of labour. The ability to track this paints a detailed picture as to how and where services are being delivered.

Location tracking allows facility managers a complete and unobstructed view of how labour is being deployed

The more time spent in an area, the more expensive that area is to maintain. The information available from location tracking allows contractors and managers to work collaboratively for mutually beneficial efficiencies, while providing assurance and oversight to the client.

By developing workforce management solutions around employee location data, facility managers can provide an unsurpassed level of assurance and transparency to clients. This is critical in an industry where work is often unnoticeable or out of hours. An effective labour location tracking system allows all parties to review works undertaken at any time, whether in isolation or aggregate. They can then make informed decisions regarding efficient deployment. This same logic can be used to mitigate liability exposures.

Using beacon technology allows information to be collected passively

Passive collection means employees are not required to take action to record data. This eliminates the risk of forgotten or lost records, as well as providing information through a system that cannot be tricked. For example, collected location data could be used to provide the exact time a security guard was in a certain room requiring no action from the guard. It could also be used to determine the last time a cleaning contractor has attended to bathrooms. This data cannot be fabricated using a passive location based system.

Location-based labour tracking allows contract managers to accurately and reliably track performance against KPIs

The transparency of location data facilitates a partnership arrangement that provides assurance to clients. They can easily observe and generate reports substantiated with the level of service received. Information storage can be valuable when services are completed out of hours or without supervision.
Contractors are able to build rules and share outcomes that determine if KPIs are being met, and how a contractor is delivering services against scope.

Location data provides unprecedented insight into how labour is managed

Having information about where labour has been deployed and for how long, allows facility managers to rationalise labour expense and the implied cost of maintenance. This, in turn, allows managers to reallocate underutilized labour and support areas previously understaffed. This delivers greater outcomes.

As customers continue to seek greater savings, pressure is applied to larger tier 1 service providers to maintain a commercially competitive offer. More than ever larger providers have to turn to innovative technology solutions to capitalise on their market strength and provide the highest value offering.

Protecting the public and the workforce

By using location-based information, facility managers are able to ensure the safety of the public. They do this by actively managing staff to respond faster to hazards as they occur.

There are also benefits to knowing where employees are at all times, such as alerting management when an employee enters a high risk area.

A solution that revolutionises the way labour-based services are delivered

Through developing bespoke interpretations of information provided, facility managers can develop a solid workforce management solution. This allows them to aggressively manage public liability exposure, actively respond to incidents as they occur, and develop a workforce strategy optimised by live reporting.

A robust and transparent location management platform allows top tier providers to deliver value beyond the capability of their competition. In addition, the data created allows them to produce more commercially competitive offerings. In a competitive industry, margin always lies in the detail. And where providers can find margins in such granular detail, savings flow through to the client.

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